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Aqua Viva is the water of life; it is the most essential necessity for all life on our planet.

You can make a contribution to the project and be a part of the team. With your help we can carry on and continue filming in HD the full story of Rome’s ancient water supplies from Manziana and Bracciano in the North-West of Rome to Tivoli and Subiaco in the East to the Colli Albani in the South.

You can support our on-going research, filming and post-production costs using PayPal. Our archive research and investigation and filming in the Roman countryside, including transport and specialist equipment, costs approximately 300€ / $400 per day and we would like to continue our filming and research to cover all the roman aqueducts.

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You can really help by making a tiny donation to our work.

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If you are an enthusiast for Roman Engineering, Aqueducts and their Empowerment of the Empire, we would welcome the involvement of individuals prepared to contribute £30, £20 or £10 each month. In return we will provide access to new research, video and stills material as it occurs. We will also list you as sponsors and clean water enthusiasts in the film credits.

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If you are an individual or small business, you can make a real contribution to our research and film-making, contributing £300, £200 or £100 per month.

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Corporate and Academic Sponsorship

If you are an Archaeological Department of a University, a Water Utility Company, a private Spring Water Bottling Company or any organisation with a water related interest, and would like to be an accredited sponsor for our project, we would ask you to make a contribution of £3000, £2000 or £1000 per month. For the appropriate clients we could offer product placement, or possibly a special version of film that could be used directly for teaching purposes.

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All contributions will be greatly appreciated, and make a big difference to us. £10 will pay for us to copy a document in the Rome State Archives. £20 will pay for our Internet Access for one month in Italy. £30 will pay for a special pair of boots for an Aqueduct Hunter to leap into an ancient water tank.

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