On January 28 2010 we held a press conference at the Quirinale Hotel in Central Rome to announce the identification of Santa Fiora Church as the Primary Source of the Aqua Traiana. The speakers were Mike & Ted O'Neill of MEON HDTV, Prof. Lorenzo Quilici of University of Bologna, Dott. Mario Lollighetti of the Italian Ministry of Culture, Lucia Dutto, Mayor of Manziana, Giuliano Sala, Mayor of Bracciano.

Also in attendance were Princess Maria della Pace Odescalchi, Prince Ascanio Lancelotti, who divide between them the land of the traditional Duchy of Bracciano; Inspectors Ida Caruso and Ludovica Lombardi of the Superintendency of Archaeology for South Etruria, and Sandro Mantovanni of the Superintendency of Monuments.

English Press Release 28-01-2010

Press Brochure 28-01-2010

The Hunters

Mike & Ted
  • Allan Ceen
  • Lorenzo Quilici
  • Lanciani
  • Rabun & Katherine
  • Carmelo
  • Measuring
  • Fig Tree Roots
  • Fiora Nymphaeum